The Encyclopaedia of Us in HU3 is a newspaper like no other. It is a living newspaper… and acts as an engine to help us see, imagine, and act. 
/ The Encyclopedia Of Us 
It is the creation of an index, map, archive and expression of the ever-changing place and people of HU3. 
An Encyclopaedia offers a certain neutrality but with vast opportunity for multiple different participants and audiences. Anything and everything from anyone can be in the Encyclopaedia: the richness, diversity, complexity, messiness, and beauty of HU3. EofU is a reflection of life, growing with and through the actions of people. It is not is a provocation for action. And engine for change of all kinds. 
Our Artist Investigator stays with the project as driving force and connector. She continues to connect people, provoke ideas, and explore needs and desires of the community. 
Everyone in HU3 will be able be part of the creation of The EofUs, as creators, journalists, editors, photographers, distributors or as readers. 
Have a look at the current issue below: 
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